About Aspull Juniors FC.

The Club Badge - Aspull & The Ostrich
 An Ostrich has been a heraldic symbol of Aspull Village for over 600 years. Aspull Urban District Council chose it as a symbol because since 1371 it has appeared on the coat of arms of the Earl of Crawford, who later occupied Haigh Hall and became chief landowner in Aspull.

 The bird has a key on it’s mouth because it was believed to be capable of eating iron So became a symbol of strength.
The Nickname - Cannels
Cannel Coal was found in Aspull. There was several large collieries dating back to the 18th Century, also Malt Kins and a Cotton Mill. In 1886 the Crawford, Kirkless, Moor and Woodshed Pits in the township belonging to the Wigan Coal and Iron Company employed over 1,000 workers. Aspull’s long history of mining left a legacy of old mineshafts, water drainage tunnels and abandoned mine workings.
Our Club Motto
"Respect & Fairness For All"
The Clubs Formation
Formed in 1997. A football mad parent in the summer of 1997 decided to try and start a junior football team for his young son to play in. He felt that a football team would give the children of Aspull an interest and also keep them out of trouble. The name of that parent was Steve Fishwick. 

The response from the Aspull community was amazing. At the start of that first season there was 12 children of various ages attending training session and numbers soon quickly grew. 

Our 1st sponsor - Jim Parr of Parr Brothers Electrical enabled us to purchase a kit and some equipment. Aspull Rugby Union Club agreed to let Steve play their matches on their practice pitch. Thus the name and club Aspull Juniors FC was born.
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